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Hans Olav Gorset


For Borgere og Bønder - Popular tunes from 18th century music books

Norsk Kulturråds Klassikerserie NKFCD 50025-2, 1990
Hans Olav Gorset og Ånon Egeland

Nominated for a Norwegian Grammy

… the most original, Norwegian contribution to the world of classical recordings ever … a unique demonstration of the link between historical research and performance.



Byttingen (Bente Ingholm, Hans Olav Gorset, Jørn Jensen)
Heilo HCD 7069, 1991

Valravnen – Ballads and popular tunes from the 16th and 17th centuries

Norsk Kulturråds Klassikerserie NKFCD 50032-2, 1995
Pro Musica Antiqua, Oslo, dir. Hans Olav Gorset

[PMA] presents this material handsomely, striking a careful, respectful, yet artful balance between folk and “art” styles … in this beautifully realized program.

American Record Guide

Pierre Danican Philidor: Suites for Flute and b.c.

SIMAX Classics PSC 1129, 1997
Hans Olav Gorset, Rolf Lislevand, Paolo Pandolfo

Några som verkligen satt sig in i den franska ornamenteringskonsten är Hans Olav Gorset, Rolf Lislevand och Paolo Pandolfo, … speciella kunskaper med lysande resultat. De har framförallt hittat ett trevligt tilbakalutat barocksväng och en perfekt balans mellan instrumenten

Musik, SRP2

Gorset does it with style … This is music the musician obviously has lived a whole life to formulate; the essence of this music is just as much Gorset as Philidor, and this is a brilliant and commendable way of making music one’s own.


... this CD should be an essential part of your collection.

PAN, Journal of the British Flute Society

... lively and unmannered, making this recording a distinct pleasure to listen to and revisit.


Ein "königlicher" Hochgenuß


Cantio – Music from Piae Cantiones

SIMAX Classics PSC 1203, 1999
Pro Musica Antiqua, Oslo, dir. Hans Olav Gorset

... I want more of this, and preferably right away!


The most successful recording ever of Medieval Music from a Norwegian ensemble.


These musicians play the music with enthusiastic verve ... quite fascinating. I recommend this CD to enthusiasts of the genre. This disc offers an original and enthralling experience.


Northern Delights

SIMAX Classics PSC 1224, 2004
Nordic Baroque Quartet (Hans Olav Gorset, Keren Bruce, Urban Westerlund, Vegard Lund)

Bløt, skjør og spenstig barokkmusikk fra hjemlige trakter ... kyndig og lekkert formet.

Verdens Gang

Why do I give this recording the highest possible score? Because it is perfect: the playing, the sound, and the presentation in the CD-booklet – everything is as it should be …


These are committed performances by fine musicians and the recorded sound is excellent.


Douce Dame

Modus, distr. MUDI (MUD 2075), 2006
Modus Ensemble (Gro Siri Johansen, Elizabeth Gaver, Hans Olav Gorset)

Passionate, elegant and solemn.

Bergens Tidende

Schodsbergs notebok

ta:lik TA92CD, 2012
Mats Berglund, Daniel Sandén-Warg, Vegard Lund, Ludvig Claeson, Lisa Rydberg, Hans Olav Gorset

Nominated for a Norwegian Folk Music Award

... recommended for all trying to understand traditional music in a wider, historical perspective.



2L-088-SABD, 2013
Hans Olav Gorset and Friends
Hans Olav Gorset, Elizabeth Gaver, Cathrine Bothner-By, Vegard Lund, Lars Henrik Johansen, Andre Lislevand, Kjell Tore Innervik, Håkon Mørch Stene

... nothing less than a musical tour of Europe through the stylistic diversity of the Baroque, presented by Gorset & Friends, sometimes tasteful and sensitive, sometimes raucous and exultant.


It is difficult to overpraise the care taken to make this not only an authentic recreation of a delightful evening of music but one that bears repeated hearing. Audiophiles can rejoice as this is a demonstration disc that actually has great cuts that are worth listening to, imagine that! Thank you again, 2L.


"Nodebog" presents "Pleasurable Passage of Time in 18th century Norway". And pleasurable it is, this mix of dances, songs, marches, and other popular pieces … Very well, it is mostly rather unpretentious music, but it should give us just as much pleasure today, as it once did to its original audience.